Tour guide Pak Suteja

Pak Suteja was born in Ubud Valley. As it is natural for a balinese, spirituality and creativity has always been an integral part of his life. Today Suteja serves an important role in his Banjar, and he is participating in ceremonies, as well as dance and gamelan music activities.

His large knowledge in the balinese hindu culture and spirituality, and his great ability to explain about it, makes him the perfect tour guide for visitors who want to get insights about the balinese way of life, spirituality and culture.


The tour allowed me to witness the true beauty of Nusa Penida

“I recently had the most incredible experience exploring Nusa Penida with ABT. The tour itinerary was well thought out and allowed me to witness the true beauty of Nusa Penida.”



Impressed by the warm welcome

“I had the pleasure of joining a tour organized by ABT that included a visit to a Batik workshop, I was impressed by the warm welcome.”



A trip filled with moments I’ll never forget

“ABT offered a seamless and stress-free experience that allowed me to fully immerse myself in the natural beauty of Nusa Penida. It was a trip filled with moments I’ll never forget!”



The Healer tour was amazing!

“Meeting the Balian was like miracle moment, because the high priest knew everything about me. It was a great insight.”



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