Before making a reservation with Authentic Bali Tours Agency, it is essential that you review and understand these Terms and Conditions. Your usage of our website, as well as any of our services, implies your acceptance of these stipulations.

  1. Scope

1.1 These provisions are applicable to all service transactions with Authentic Bali Tours, whether made via our website, telephone, Whatsapp, or other platforms.

  1. Reservation and Payment Process

2.1 To secure a reservation, the full tour amount is expected, unless a different arrangement is in place.

2.2 Payment in full must be settled at least 1 day before the tour. In the absence of timely payment, your booking might be voided by Authentic Bali Tours.

  1. Termination and Reimbursements

3.1 Bookings canceled up to a day before the tour are eligible for a 100% refund, considering any non-recoverable costs incurred by Authentic Bali Tours.

3.2 If a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the tour, as much as 80% of the total fee can be withheld, based on non-recoverable expenses. The exact deductible will be clarified upon cancellation.

  1. Tour Insurance

4.1 Comprehensive travel insurance covering personal accidents, medical costs, luggage loss, and cancellations is mandatory. Authentic Bali Tours disclaims any financial consequences stemming from mishaps during the tour.

  1. Adjustments by Authentic Bali Tours

5.1 Itineraries, accommodations, or transportation may be adjusted for safety, weather, or other unforeseen reasons.

5.2 Should major modifications arise before the tour, like date shifts or reduced tour durations, you’re entitled to a complete refund upon canceling the booking.

  1. Responsibility

6.1 Authentic Bali Tours is not accountable for any damage, injury, loss, cost, delay, or inconvenience that’s beyond our control and emerges during our service delivery.

  1. Feedback

7.1 Should any issues arise during the tour, we urge you to promptly notify either the tour guide or our customer service.

  1. Understanding of Potential Alterations

8.1 Reserving a tour with Authentic Bali Tours indicates your acknowledgment of potential changes due to local factors, affecting aspects like route, accommodation, and transport.

  1. Jurisdiction

9.1 The laws of Indonesia govern these Terms and Conditions. Any disputes will be resolved in Indonesian courts.

  1. Consent to Terms

10.1 Booking with Authentic Bali Tours means you, and your group, concur with these terms. It’s imperative to verify the accuracy of your travel documents and promptly report any discrepancies.

Last Revision: July 17, 2023

We advise a routine check of these Terms and Conditions as they may be updated periodically.